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Our Work In Action

We are making a real difference in the healthcare sector by changing policy, practices and people’s lives for the better. Here is a brief sampling of our non-profit and corporate clients, and the important work we are doing with them.

National Council for Behavioral Health

ENGAGEMENT 1: Legislative Toolkit for Mental Health First Aid Program

BACKGROUND: The National Council for Behavioral Health is the nation’s voice of mental health and addiction providers who help care for eight million adults and children. During a period of high-profile attention to mental health issues in the community, Momentum Health Strategies created a state-focused policy toolkit in support of a public education program called Mental Health First Aid.  Over a dozen states enacted or funded Mental Health First Aid since its publication and led to an updated strategy toolkit in August 2014.

IMPACT: As a tangible product for organization, the toolkit created by Momentum Health Strategies is in high demand by the membership. This resource enables members to effectively advocate for legislator support and gain funding for the Mental Health First Aid program, which helps the public identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse.

ENGAGEMENT 2: Program Management of Ohio Health Homes Initiative

BACKGROUND: The Health Home initiative expands on the traditional medical home model by enhancing coordination of medical and behavioral health care consistent with the needs of individuals with severe and/or multiple chronic illnesses. Momentum Health Strategies supports implementation of this important initiative by managing a multiyear training and technical assistance program. Through an ongoing engagement, our experts develop and manage educational content, learning communities, webinars, and other training resources to teach providers about integrated care and how to meet the requirements of Ohio’s programs.

IMPACT: In the program’s first year, Momentum Health Strategies supported the delivery of training and technical assistance for over 150 organizations in integrated care concepts and readiness for Health Home implementation. Now in its third year, we are supporting Learning Communities serving over 40 organizations on a community level to advance sustainable change toward integrated primary and behavioral health care.

ENGAGEMENT 3: Curriculum Development for Ohio Medicaid Health Homes

BACKGROUND: As part of the organization’s training and technical assistance program for the Ohio Medicaid Health Homes initiative, Momentum Health Strategies constructed a seven-hour educational curriculum on integrated primary and behavioral health care and Health Home implementation requirements.

IMPACT: This massive undertaking resulted in an open-access online educational program covering wide-ranging topics, including population health management, integrated care principles, data management and performance measurement requirements. This consolidated tool is now available to Ohio provider organizations looking to improve staff knowledge about integrated care and familiarize themselves with state plan requirements.


Avalere Health

BACKGROUND: Avalere Health, a leading life sciences advisory company focused on healthcare business strategy and public policy, puts their trust in Momentum Health Strategies. In her role of senior advisor, Jennifer Bright provides issue expertise and advice for clients active in comparative effectiveness research, patient engagement, and healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention.

IMPACT: Momentum Health Strategies advises Avalere Health and its clients to change the landscape of healthcare through stakeholder dialogue and development of new policy models. Through expert facilitation, Momentum Health Strategies has advanced the conversation about applicability of comparative effectiveness research to patient decision-making.

One Together

BACKGROUND: 3M Infection Prevention is on a mission to help reduce healthcare-associated infections through innovative infection prevention solutions. Momentum Health Strategies was chosen to facilitate the advisory panel of healthcare professionals collaborating to build One Together, a movement focused on empowering front-line partnership and change to prevent healthcare-associated infections.

IMPACT: By providing strategic advice on ways to build and shape an effective cause-related campaign, Momentum Health Strategies played a crucial role in creating a community of passionate professionals working toward HAI prevention.