Our Work in Action

Avalere Health, a health care advisory services organization, specializes in strategy, policy, and data analysis for life sciences, health plans, patient groups, and providers. Avalere is also a reputable leader in policy analysis related to health reform, new models of payment and care delivery, and value.

It’s a lot to cover, so when it came time to help a client develop and build a coalition to support partnerships and a “raise all boats” mentality, Avalere brought in Momentum Health Strategies for help.

The skillsets Jennifer brought to the table were hugely important,” a team member said, “as our client didn’t have internal knowledge of the process and politics needed to set up a coalition. Her ability to think through the governance structure, combined with her background in health care policy, enabled her to anticipate challenges that we built in to the by-laws and board. She can provide the macro view but can also execute the most minute details—she’s the full package.
Jennifer possesses tremendous professionalism and knows how to convene
disparate groups and bring about consensus,” added a partner. “Building a
coalition under a tight budget is never easy, but she brings a sense of calm in a storm through her ability to educate, mentor, and speak the same language as the stakeholders. She’s uniquely qualified, and her tenacity and rigor translate into a clear and defined vision. She is a superb communicator, knowing exactly how to elevate the message and convey it to the right people. Jennifer is the kind of strategic partner every organization needs—willing to tell it like it is and enormously credible. She’s passionate and authentic, and it comes through in her work.