Responsum Health

Our Work in Action

Andy Rosenberg had an idea. He wanted to create an online health care tool that would compile—in one, secure, manageable place—personalized information on a specific illness of concern, as well as treatment options, clinical trial availability, specialists, patient support groups, and new research.

But as with any start-up, there were as many questions as there were answers. Enter Jennifer Bright and Momentum Health Strategies. With Jennifer’s decades of experience in the health care field, from perspectives ranging from patients’ families to physicians to insurers, Andy turned to her for help in conceptualizing what the product should offer, identifying stakeholders, and modeling a product that is free for patients but that still provides value for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and insurers.

Jennifer is incredibly straightforward, honest, inspiring, and refreshing,” Andy says, “and her deep knowledge and understanding of the evolving nature of health care, future trends, and stakeholders was invaluable for me and played an important role in developing this product. Each audience—hospitals, insurers, pharmaceuticals, patients—might be interested in Responsum for different reasons, and Jennifer helped write the narrative for why and how this product will add value, and helped me develop strategies to reach potential customers. She’s a trusted resource.