Innovation Digest – April 2018 vol. 1

The ability to access healthcare – as early as possible and at an affordable price – is still a strong indicator of the health of our society. While the business side of health is focused on mergers, new technologies and big data, those on the front lines know that the human side is where we will make the most gains. Prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, and care that goes beyond the medical model can transform the trajectory of disease for many. Connection between care providers and patients must be facilitated (not replaced) by technology.  And the identification of “value” must include factors and perspectives of patients and caregivers, in addition to those delivering and paying for care.

In this issue:

  • Finding A Common Path Forward on Value Assessment
  • Health Care Is an Investment, and the U.S. Should Start Treating It Like One
  • The Health Care Spending Disconnect: Star Wars vs. Flintstones
  • Medicaid Enrollees Have Significantly Better Access to Health Care Compared to Uninsured, According to a New Study
  • Apple’s Pact with 13 Health Care Systems Might Actually Disrupt the Industry
  • The Disappearing Doctor: How Mega-Mergers Are Changing the Business of Medical Care
  • Wasting away: How health systems are advancing the battle against low-value care
  • Genomics Rising, Charlatans Circling
  • The Yelping of the American Doctor
  • Comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes research: enhancing uptake and use by patients, clinicians and payers
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