Innovation Digest – December 2018 vol. 2

As the year winds down, we all find ourselves reviewing changes and trends from 2018 and predicting what lies ahead. The challenges of balancing our healthcare system’s approach to ensuring access, quality and reasonable cost have never been higher-stakes. Value has emerged as a synonym for the Triple Aim. And yet, we have not achieved consensus on how to measure value and how to achieve it for both healthy and chronically ill individuals. In this final edition of the year, articles highlight this continued tension and also forecast key themes for 2019. We are at a tipping point, with an opportunity to leverage greater technology, a learning healthcare system and a more aware (and active?) patient community. If patient-centered healthcare is truly our objective, we need to involve innovators, data generators and owners, researchers, clinicians and patients (in all their individual and organizational configurations) to help define the value in healthcare we want to achieve. Happy Holidays!

In this issue:

  • Patient Perspectives Must Meaningfully Inform Healthcare Value Measurement
  • Value-Based Pricing And Reimbursement: Still More Promise Than Reality
  • NHC Publishes White Paper on Overcoming Barriers to Amplify the Patient Voice in Value Assessment
  • Why providers need to consider patient perspective when addressing diagnostic errors
  • Ban Ki-moon: Only Two Healthcare Systems Exist—One Where The Rich Pay For The Poor, and America’s
  • Big Data pushing democratization of healthcare, but barriers remain
  • Dr. Mark Smith’s Five Tasks for the Healthcare Sector
  • Civica Rx’s first CEO, Martin VanTrieste, talks about the company’s ambitions for 2019 and beyond
  • Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything?
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