Innovation Digest – January 2019 vol. 2

Lately everything is presented as a black and white, one-right-answer choice. Anyone who has been involved in health care on a personal and/or professional level knows that the reality is endlessly gray. The tussle is whether we can define what consumers and patients want, need and value in our health care and whether that aligns with the definitions developed by those taking the risk – payers, clinicians, regulators and innovators. It’s not a neat fit and therein lies the rub. Whose definition drives the conversation? And how are the perspectives of those not in the driver’s seat represented in valid and contributory ways? Complexity doesn’t justify abandoning the hard work of engagement and inclusion in favor of simple, neat metrics that justify one view or solution. Complexity is the reason to lean in and find all the ways to understand and incorporate such perspectives. Thankfully, some innovative thinkers exist. Here’s hoping those committed to inclusion and creative thinking gain momentum.

In this issue:

  • To Get More Bang For Your Health-Care Buck, Invest In Innovation
  • A QALY Is A QALY Is A QALY, Or Is It?
  • Cancer in America Is Way Down, For the Wealthy Anyway
  • Tyson: Kaiser’s Oakland housing initiatives first step toward national model
  • Diversity in clinical trials defines good science and better medicine
  • Unproven medical treatments cost us lives and money. Let research tell us what works.
  • Virtual repurposing can speed the discovery of new uses for existing drugs
  • Testing Novel Payment and Delivery Approaches Through the Veterans Health Administration’s New Center for Innovation
  • What’s Been The Bang For The Buck? Cost-Effectiveness Of Health Care Spending Across Selected Conditions In The US
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