Innovation Digest – June 2017 vol. 2

The second June 2017 issue of the Innovation Digest is out! In this issue:

  • Building the ‘Tesla’ of health systems: Where Marc Harrison plans to take Intermountain next
  • 3 Health Care Trends That Don’t Hinge on the ACA
  • Apple is quietly working on turning your iPhone into the one-stop shop for all your medical info
  • Why GE, Boeing, Lowe’s, and Walmart Are Directly Buying Health Care for Employees
  • Yale School of Medicine to launch app to help patients collect EHR data, participate in studies
  • NIH’s All of Us precision medicine program gets rolling
  • Can pharma deliver both patient value and shareholder value?
  • Factors Affecting States’ Ability to Respond to Federal Medicaid Cuts and Caps
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