Innovation Digest – March 2021 Vol. 1

Democratization of data is an important concept and it’s heartening to see more movement in the direction of open data for research, greater access for patients directly to their own information and a greater focus on data sharing and interoperability. As with any issue in health, the complexities are myriad. But, the notion that data can be shared and owned by all of us is the right guide-point. There are still some dark corners that require sunlight: pricing data, true cost impacts on patients (beyond just their cost sharing), artificial intelligence algorithms, and clinical pathway development to name a few. In this first month of a new Administration, there has been a refreshing transparency and willingness to learn, seek compromise, and recalibrate as new information emerges. That’s wise thinking about how to improve not only the enterprise of healthcare, but also the actual health of our nation.

In this issue:

  • Telehealth: The Right Care, at the Right Time, via the Right Medium
  • Opinion: To really lower health-care costs, look beyond prescription drugs
  • 14 health systems team up on ‘ethical innovation’ with launch of provider-led data platform
  • The Health Costs of Cost-Sharing
  • As All of Us moves to diversify medicine, its tech partners push to democratize research
  • Contributor: Sharpening All the Tools in the Value Assessment Toolbox
  • The money behind mental health: How the pandemic increased innovation, investment in behavioral health care
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