Innovation Digest – May 2019 Vol. 2

Real-world evidence tells us that we haven’t yet hit the sweet spot of prevention and treatment, and that there are other aspects of care (and the infrastructure needed to deliver it) that require out attention. While we’re so distracted by the endless bickering over price and profit, we’re missing (or avoiding?) the vital and complex national discussion about purpose. Primary care providers, family caregivers, public health officials, community health workers and patients confront the needs and solutions every day. How do we bring their voices forward and create the scale and commitment needed to change our path?

In this issue:

  • A drug with a multimillion-dollar price tag is making a mockery of Washington’s efforts to rein in prices
  • Look behind the lecture: Payer consideration of patient input
  • ‘How Could We Fail so Miserably?’ Real-World Evidence Offers Sobering Reality
  • Measles and Mumps and Rubella, Oh My!
  • ‘Who’s going to take care of these people?’
  • Study Verifies Value of Real-World Evidence
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