Innovation Digest – September 2018 vol. 1

The big news is recent efforts by employers and health care systems to take the helm to try and change the direction in rapidly rising health care costs. Ultimately, this trend could benefit the consumer in the form of more accessible, affordable, evidence-based care. A key success factor that isn’t yet evident: the involvement of patients in the design and execution of these initiatives. Are we forgetting who health care is for?

In this issue:

  • This Drug Is Safe and Effective. Wait. Compared With What?
  • The Cancer ‘Cost Conversation’
  • Patients as stakeholders: Developing a patient-centered healthcare epidemiology research agenda
  • Who Else Would Put Up with This?…Those checkbox forms would never fly in other professions
  • More employers look toward value-based insurance plans
  • Anthem Announces Collaboration With Walmart
  • Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others have a long road ahead in healthcare
  • The Last Company You Would Expect Is Reinventing Health Benefits
  • Hospitals band together to make drugs to combat shortages and high prices
  • Politics and Health Care
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