Innovation Digest – September 2018 vol. 2

I keep coming back to the fact that trust is the key to so many of our healthcare policy and market challenges. Media loves conflict, and the constant cycle of finger-pointing about who’s to blame for our over-priced healthcare distracts us from the real issue: the patient is losing (and has the most to lose) in this fight. Caught in the crossfire of blame, false promises, shifting policies and costs, patients have to navigate episodic, emergent and chronic healthcare scenarios without a trustworthy guide, set of facts or safety net. Ask patients in any community with real-world, lived experience and they’ll speak the truth: everyone is part of the problem, and everyone can contribute to the solution.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see payers, hospitals, biotechnology and IT companies, providers and patient groups come to the table willing to acknowledge their role in the mess, and to put real solutions forward? Ultimately, each stakeholder may have to give something up to gain real improvements in the healthcare system for the people that matter most. Compromise starts with trust between all affected parties and the willingness to put community before individual.

In this issue:

  • New toolkit to Prepare Patient Stakeholders to Work with Research Teams
  • Why work has failed us: Because you can have a job and still not afford the doctor
  • In today’s data-accessible age, a focus on people-first healthcare drives quality, customer satisfaction
  • Behind Your Rising Health-Care Bills: Secret Hospital Deals That Squelch Competition
  • Invest in “Precision Health” to Better Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients, AJMC Researchers Say
  • ‘First of its kind’ hospital-led generic drug company Civica Rx aims to address shortages, high prices
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