Let’s Push the Envelope

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill consultant services, keep looking. You’ll find no plain vanilla ideas here.

Momentum Health Strategies LLC works with forward-thinking organizations in the healthcare sector to drive remarkable growth and meaningful change. We do nothing halfway. We break new boundaries to accelerate our clients’ impact on policy, practice and stakeholder engagement. We have a proven approach for industry leaders looking to innovate and grow, while improving patient care and outcomes. Are you seeking insights, answers and a clear direction? Let’s discuss your project today.

What You’ll Get From Us

Strategic tactics to effectively address your individual challenges.

Thoughtful policy development to initiate real change.

Efficient program development and educational content to advance your agenda and exceed your goals.

Effective project management for business improvement to keep your team on time and on budget.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Jennifer possesses tremendous professionalism and brings a sense of calm in a storm through her ability to educate, mentor and speak the same language as the stakeholders. She’s the kind of strategic partner every organization needs-willing to tell it like it is and enormously credible. She’s passionate and authentic-she’s the full package.”


“When you work with Momentum Health Strategies, you get diligence and conscientiousness. Jennifer is so knowledgeable, and she provides common sense feedback backed by patient-advocate and policy perspectives-she’s an outstanding facilitator with an informed but unbiased voice.”

Eleanor Perfetto, PhD, MS, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, National Health Council

“Momentum keeps us informed and engaged, and they provide what no one else can: a vantage point from the outside, from people who know the project intimately, with the perspective that only an ‘outsider’ can provide. They’re the ideal devil’s advocate.”

National Council for Behavioral Health

“Jennifer understands the nuts and bolts of how non-profits should run; she’s energetic and proactive; and her focus and precision means that she gets things done quickly, calmly and clearly. She brings incredible support and positive reinforcement to the table.”

Terry Wilcox, Executive Director, Patients Rising

“Jennifer is incredibly straightforward, honest, inspiring and refreshing, and her deep knowledge and understanding of the evolving nature of health care, future trends and stakeholders is invaluable. She’s a trusted resource.”

Andy Rosenberg, Responsum

“Jennifer is professional, ethical, well connected and an excellent strategic thinker. She can easily ‘connect the dots’ for any situation as a result, and by knowing the right people for every scenario, she does a fantastic job. I highly recommend her.”

Linda House, RN, BN, MSM