Innovation Digest – January 2020 Vol. 1

Buzzwords for 2020: biomarkers, digital health, data sharing, transparency, predictive analytics, AI, primary care, social determinants of health, mental health, healthy workplaces. How do they all intersect? Easy: the needs of the whole patient. Whether we’re trying to parse customized approaches to treating chronic disease or use data and modern technology to predict (and prevent) the next epidemic or trend of poor outcomes, initiatives in these areas have enormous potential. The challenge is achieving the positive benefit while minimizing the risk to privacy, exploitation, and incentives that have nothing to do with the health of our citizenry. I’m proud to work with organizations that seek change, but do so with integrity and a vigilant focus on benefiting patients. Here’s hoping this decade gives rise to individual organizations (and industries) that act with transparency and authenticity to benefit patients.

In this issue:

  • Health Conundrum: How State Budgets Can Find The Balance Between Social Versus Medical Services
  • Rethinking Patient Data Privacy In The Era Of Digital Health
  • Managing the Most Expensive Patients
  • The debate over America’s drug-pricing system is built on myths. It’s time to face reality
  • What will 2020 bring for medicine and science? We asked 16 leaders for predictions
  • A new biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry commitment to patients and the public
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