Innovation Digest – June 2022 Vol. 2

I’ve been asked often: “what is patient-centered value?” In my mind and my work, the answer has two parts. First, patient-centered value is about delivering care that is meaningful to the needs and goals of the patient at the right time, with the right mode of delivery to ensure equitable access. Second, patient-centered value is about processes (quality measurement, experience satisfaction, research) that are inclusive and co-developed with patients (and families and caregivers) that have first-hand expertise in one or more health conditions. We’re all aware that we aren’t experiencing patient-centered value consistently and equitably at present. And, both parts are equally complex and vital to the solution. This digest includes good reads about where organizations are taking action. There is a steep path ahead to ensure we identify and actively address inequities in treatment, access, affordability and outcomes. I hope these articles inspire you to get involved in making change happen. However small, change is necessary to realize patient-centered value.

In this issue:

  • Building the Foundation for Reducing Disparities in Medicare Advantage
  • The Missing Part of America’s Pandemic Response
  • Factoring in patients’ experiences is essential for moving the needle on health disparities
  • Does racism impact healthcare quality? Perspectives of Black and Hispanic/Latino Patients
  • Measuring Health Disparities in a Commercially Insured Population: The First Step to Incorporate Equity into Value Transformation
  • Person-Driven Outcome Measures Help Achieve Equitable Outcomes
  • A Blueprint To Advance Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets
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