Innovation Digest – March 2022 Vol. 1

Uncertainty is prominent in my thoughts given the world situation with both the pandemic and now Ukraine. Uncertainty is an ongoing theme in health, with rising news about workforce strain and inadequacies, as well as our inability to meaningfully address systemic issues in rural health, youth mental health and wellness, and racism. The report about our 20-year neglect of the powerful call to action in Unequal Treatment also reminds me how long I have been a passionate advocate for person-first thinking in health policy and practice. Across all of the issues highlighted in this edition, the common thread is the willingness to do the hard work – to act. These articles reignited my “why” and I hope they do the same for you. Be well!

In this issue:

  • 20 years ago, a landmark report spotlighted systemic racism in medicine. Why has so little changed?
  • Health Care Safety during the Pandemic and Beyond — Building a System That Ensures Resilience
  • Clinicians are leaving their jobs at mental health centers amid rising demand
  • The Problem With Employee Wellness Programs
  • Identifying Higher-Volume Antibiotic Outpatient Prescribers Using Publicly Available Medicare Part D Data — United States, 2019
  • Generation Z Less Engaged with Behavioral Health Options Compared to Older Generations
  • Addressing the unprecedented behavioral-health challenges facing Generation Z
  • Rural Health During the Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions to Accessing Care
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