Innovation Digest – March 2022 Vol. 3

Evidence over time reinforces that systems and decisions that focus on outcomes and quality can shift costs to more appropriate use of resources (notice I didn’t say just cut costs). The hard work worth doing is understanding what things (clinical, social, environmental), in what quantity over what time actually improve the life of people, and ensuring all have equitable access to those things first. In the race to digitize, machine learn and predictive model our way toward these insights, let’s not forget the value of lived experience. Embedding patient, family and caregiver expertise from top to bottom and across the lifecycle of health innovation and delivery is essential to asking the right questions and finding the right solutions.

In this issue:

  • Higher Hospital Prices Don’t Equate to Better Patient Outcomes
  • Three takeaways on value-based care
  • Getting the Checklist Out of the Way
  • Applied neuroscience needs a task force to craft effective governance
  • Huma and AstraZeneca Partner to Accelerate
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