Innovation Digest – May 2020 Vol. 1

I hope wherever you are, you are well in every sense of the word. I’ve tried to share a few favorite reads that don’t remind you (again) that we’re in the midst of a pandemic. There are some gems: even while we struggle to find a cure/vaccine for COVID, we’re making important progress toward better early diagnosis for cancers. Public health is (finally) being recognized as the essential element in our national health strategy. We’re learning that sharing information, intellectual property and equipment/resources is a bedrock of rapid response and meaningful change. Most importantly, we’re recognizing as a nation the integral link between physical and mental health and well-being. May is Mental Health Month (see and what better time to understand how to improve the policies that enable us to be mentally healthy, as well as learn about how to take care of ourselves during this challenging time. All the best for your whole health!

In this issue:

  • Always The Bridesmaid, Public Health Rarely Spotlighted Until It’s Too Late
  • Tech Giants Pledge Their IP to COVID-19 Fight
  • The coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental-health crisis
  • People are dying from coronavirus because we’re not fast enough at clinical research
  • Is value-based insurance design experiencing a renaissance?
  • Anchor Businesses Can Be Change Makers For Community Health Improvement
  • What Do High Drug Prices Buy Us?
  • Watchdog scolds HHS for lacking a big-picture plan to incentivize antibiotic development
  • Early Detection: A New Front in the War on Cancer
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