Innovation Digest – May 2020 Vol. 2

What lessons and changes will be sustained in a post-pandemic world? It’s easy to be optimistic about the prospects for open data sharing, price transparency, expanded clinical trial designs, the collection and use of real-world data, investment in social determinants of health and flexibility for delivery in ways that reach patients where they are (i.e., Telehealth, home care). We’ve already begun to see the tangible results of such changes: we can accelerate medical innovation, increase scientific knowledge in a rapidly evolving, emergent situation, and maintain and even increase the patient-centeredness of care. The incentives to continue these important changes must transcend the pressure of a crisis, however. Doing so will force necessary, if discomforting, conversations about prices, about what constitutes health and what are the common responsibilities of government, scientists, businesses and the people to achieve it for everyone.

In this issue:

  • Living in a Covid-19 World
  • Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, a Regimen for Reentry
  • EBM’s Six Dangerous Words
  • Commercial Influences on Electronic Health Records and Adverse Effects on Clinical Decision Making
  • U.S. nursing homes plagued by infection control issues pre-COVID-19: report
  • NQF Launches Antibiotic Stewardship in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Playbook
  • Coronavirus tests the value of artificial intelligence in medicine
  • How COVID-19 is changing hospitals’ population health strategies
  • New Federal Rules Pave The Way For Patient-Driven Health Information Exchange And Real-World Evidence On COVID-19 Surveillance And Treatment


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