Innovation Digest – November 2018 vol. 1

Prices are the latest evil in our healthcare system, and yet we’ve been here before. It seems we prefer to distract ourselves with the latest bad actor(s), profiteers and outlandish examples of over-priced and low-quality services. Meanwhile, there’s more evidence that we’re treating mental illnesses in the wrong setting (and too late), that patient-centered care is often a marketing tagline rather than a philosophy of caregiving, and patients (still) can’t get access to the data about themselves. Real change in these areas is possible, if we refocus and get back to basics: access first, prevention first, patient first.

In this issue:

  • Choosing My Care on My Terms
  • Why are we treating social determinants of health as another healthcare fad?
  • Mental health patients, with nowhere else to go, are overwhelming emergency departments
  • Price transparency’s day of reckoning
  • In Days Of Data Galore, Patients Have Trouble Getting Own Medical Records
  • It’s not just providers. Payers, too, have wide gap in prices, report finds
  • To Innovate on Controlling Health Care Costs: Follow the Money
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