Innovation Digest – November 2018 vol. 2

I’m thankful for health care innovation that brings the promise of better treatment and potential cure, for scientists whose work helps all of us understand both breakthroughs and best ways to prevent disease and most of all for my own ability to access and engage in health care when my family or I need it. May we find a way to create common understanding of what we value in our health care and focus our energies on achieving that vision using every scientific, medical, social and payment resource available. It’s long overdue.

In this issue:

  • Are bundled payments ready for liftoff?
  • Cleveland Clinic pegs 10 potentially game-changing medical innovations
  • Physicians are trapped between patient satisfaction and unnecessary prescribing
  • Without more stewardship, superbugs could kill thousands more Americans annually by 2050
  • Training the Next Generation of Doctors and Nurses
  • Dr. Mark Smith’s Five Tasks for the Healthcare Sector
  • Soaring Health-Care Costs Forced This Family to Choose Who Can Stay Insured
  • Why providers need to consider patient perspective when addressing diagnostic errors
  • Healthcare waste is costing billions – and clients aren’t doing anything about it
  • Can providers help patients by partnering with pharma on digital health? Geisinger says yes
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