Innovation Digest – October 2022 Vol. 1

All my circles are converging: a career commitment to elevating the lived experience and partnership of patients and families in transforming health, passion for mental health for all, establishing health equity as the only acceptable goal for health, and driving toward value. Read about how my work with the Innovation and Value Initiative continues to push the envelope in how to think about value from the perspective of people with lived experience. And, ponder some of the challenges still before us, including data transparency and sharing for common learning, and defining metrics we can all agree must drive our valuation of digital and other novel therapeutic and diagnostic technologies that are flooding our unprepared delivery and payment systems. Change is always non-linear, but with clear goals, inclusive dialogue, and a commitment to health equity, we might just be on the right path.

In this issue:

  • Preferences for Treatments for Major Depressive Disorder: Formative Qualitative Research Using the Patient Experience
  • The ‘Innovator’s Burden’: How to combat skepticism in healthcare as a first-of-its-kind company
  • Shakeup with Optum’s health data licensing sparks an outcry among scientists
  • How data drives value-based care and population health
  • Healthcare Disruption Is Close to Impossible Without a Focus on Equity
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