Innovation Digest – September 2020 Vol. 1

The daily news in healthcare alone is overwhelming and it’s difficult to sift the promotional noise and positioning from the news with real, sustaining power. We should be paying attention to the higher themes that will define the work in healthcare delivery and policy in the months and years ahead. These include the need to create simpler, transparent systems for communicating information, especially to patients; the long-overdue need to eliminate disparities in research and in systems and settings for delivery; the importance of public health capability to our nation’s health; and the power of thinking differently – with patients as partners – about how to define, deliver and pay for better healthcare. There are signals of enlightened leadership and commitment to think and act beyond the status quo. Are you reading between the lines?

In this issue:

  • It’s time to stop using skin color and race in medicine and see patients for who they really are
  • The Science Behind Women Leaders’ Success In Fighting Covid-19
  • COVID-19 Underscores The Need For Digital Quality Measurement
  • Could COVID-19 ‘Inflammatory Signature’ Predict Disease Course?
  • The Fine Line Between Choice and Confusion in Health Care
  • Lessons from the London Stroke Initiative: How Pathway Improvement Is Discovered, Designed, and Deployed
  • The Plan That Could Give Us Our Lives Back

Recommended Reading

The PFANetwork has put together this great reading and resources list for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education.

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