Innovation Digest – April 2020 Vol. 1

Sifting through so many papers and news items about our collective battle with an unseen and unending viral foe, it’s easy to be overloaded and, let’s be honest, jaded about what this all means for our health system future-state. I think there are glimmers of hope that we can all attach to in this time of uncertainty. I can’t recall a time when the importance of both mental and physical wellness is more tangible to all of us, irregardless of race, age, gender, economic status or geography. We are learning that solutions to all kinds of problems in healthcare, from accessibility to supply chain, require creativity, flexibility, transparency and shared, all-in effort. And we’re learning (or remembering) that health care has both a prevention and a care (in both treatment and dignity sense) aspect that requires commitment and investment. We aren’t yet certain when we “return to normal,” but I’m hopeful that “normal” is redefined by this experience. The opportunity to improve our policy,research, public health and care delivery is real. I hope to see and contribute to such monumental change.

In this issue:

  • To Help Develop The Safest, Most Effective Coronavirus Tests, Treatments, And Vaccines, Ensure Public Access To Clinical Research Data
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Transform Our Health Care System — For The Better
  • Health-care Rationing is a Choice We’re Already Making
  • A NICE Transformation?
  • America Can Afford a World-Class Health System. Why Don’t We Have One?
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