Innovation Digest – August 2019 Vol. 2

I love a good debate. So, it’s not surprising that many of the articles in this edition put out some unique viewpoints about transparency, what really drives patient decision-making and payment and structural aspects of our healthcare system. Regardless of your take on the issues, I think a universal opinion is that our current status quo isn’t delivering consistently or effectively for patients, for clinicians, for payers. Common sense solutions are emerging — expanding reimbursement to social determinants, outcomes based contracting, emphasizing transparency – but need vigorous leaders in all sectors to build momentum.

In this issue:

  • Column: Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them
  • Why Doctors Should Organize
  • CMS takes steps to promote antibiotic drug development
  • Gain Insights About Your Patients’ Preferences for Care Settings
  • Hospitals, Insurers Pan Proposed Price Transparency Rule – Will push prices, premiums higher, they say
  • Taking a More Active Role: The Main Ingredient for Controlling Prescription Drug Costs
  • Evaluating Open Payments
  • Big Data, Big Tech, and Protecting Patient Privacy
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