Innovation Digest – December 2019 Vol. 1

As we hurtle toward the year’s end, I’ve been reading many articles predicting the future in healthcare. Not surprisingly, they portray “balance of power” scenarios and ongoing concerns with privacy, profit incentives tied to care delivery and the price of everything. I’m ever hopeful that if we can focus on the actual needs and motivations of patients, we can design better policy, care delivery and payment systems to support health. And, I agree that organizations that talk – and act – transparently and ethically will lead the way.

In this issue:

  • We Need to Look Beyond Drugs in Value Assessment
  • Employers Are Scaling Back Their Dependence On High-Deductible Health Plans
  • CMS releases research-ready Medicaid and CHIP datasets
  • Help Desk: Can your medical records become marketing? We investigate a reader’s suspicious ‘patient portal.’
  • Google Denies It’s Misusing Health Data as HHS Starts Inquiry
  • Valued for their tech, Silicon Valley digital health companies rely heavily on armies of faraway coaches
  • Top 10 Health Care Industry Predictions For The Year 2020
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