Innovation Digest – February 2019 vol. 1

It’s time to acknowledge that true solutions to the imbalances in our health care system require change in every sector. Every stakeholder contributes in some way to the chaos of misaligned incentives, inefficient care, runaway pricing, overuse, underuse and abuse of health care. Momentous change isn’t about party or ideology or being “right,” but rather letting the fundamentals drive the action: a healthy society, humanity in care and creating health care driven by patient goals for life and well being.

In this issue:

  • Commentary: For more successful health policy and outcomes, think like a human
  • Docs say prior authorizations harm clinical outcomes
  • Former HHS secretary Leavitt: Why it’s time to stop kicking value-based care can down the road
  • Combating cancer around the world means keeping patients at the center
  • New voices at patients’ bedsides: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple
  • 5 giant companies will soon control healthcare for 125 million people in the US, and all eyes will be on what happens to medical spending
  • High-Need, High-Cost Patients Offer Solutions for Improving Their Care and Reducing Costs
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