Innovation Digest – February 2020 Vol. 2

Re-reading the articles in this edition gives me hope that our healthcare ecosystem is beginning to reflect a patient-centered culture and that the results are as powerful as patient advocates consistently have forecast. Industry leaders from pharmaceuticals and health systems to data technology giants are setting a high bar for social consciousness and doing the right thing for the patient FIRST. Short-term investments may be higher, but the gain in health, patient agency and transparency is a universal gain. The conversation about value is evolving to focus on patient-defined factors that affect their decision-making and their outcomes. To paraphrase Intermountain’s CEO, value is being “redefined in terms of healthiness over affordability over time.” Growing evidence demonstrates that patient-partnered research can accelerate finding clues that are leading to potential cures. And clinicians are pushing back on systems like prior authorization and the primacy of clinical guidelines not to imply that they have no importance, but to highlight the inefficiency and lack of relevance to real-world, everyday decision making that must occur with patients that don’t look “average”. Change is good. And patients are the compass that guides the way.

In this issue:

  • How to Make Value Assessment More Relevant to Healthcare Decisions
  • Merck Has A Great Future, Because It Has A Soul: Ken Frazier
  • Apple, Cerner call for interoperability rule release ‘without further delay,’ highlighting industry rift
  • Open science, publishing, and public research support: Could Trump have it right?
  • Changing the Game of Prior Authorization – The Patient Perspective
  • Bridging the Gap Between Where the Quality Metric Ends and Real Life Begins—A Trusting Relationship
  • Patient-partnered research finds clues about a rare cancer’s genetic roots
  • Short-Term Loss, Long-Term Gain: Encouraging Bottom-Up Ideas That Revise the Value Equation
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