Innovation Digest – January 2021 Vol. 1

The word “opportunity” has been on my mind frequently in the beginning of this new year. With a new administration, there is opportunity to rededicate policy and science to the real needs of patients and families. With our collective awareness and dialogue about the long-standing inequities in health care design and delivery, we have the opportunity to disrupt the components, structure and payment strategies that help all of us achieve health. With our growing knowledge about the scope and impact of unmet needs in mental health and addiction treatment, we have the opportunity to commit resources and collective effort to end such suffering. Innovation in science and technology can help us find and test solutions, but our true inspiration and guide must be compassionate understanding of human experience and outcomes that matter to patients and families.

In this issue:

  • Creating Better Care For Adults With Comorbid Chronic Conditions
  • Digital Health—The Need to Assess Benefits, Risks, and Value
  • We know whether medical treatments work. We ignore how likely they are to help.
  • Amazon launches new tool to help healthcare organizations standardize data
  • Ignoring inequitable benefit design is not an option
  • Making a Dent in the Trillion-Dollar Problem: Toward Zero Defects
  • CDC Doc Addresses Today’s Pandemic and the Next
  • From Making Oncology Clinical Pathways Multidisciplinary, to Adding the Patient’s Voice
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