Innovation Digest – July 2020 Vol. 2

As we continue to focus on finding therapies that can treat and maybe prevent further health and economic pain resulting from COVID-19, there is naturally a focus on pricing. But we are already seeing the threads of even more complex issues before us: supply chain, distribution, and clarity about ensuring and prioritizing access to these therapies and vaccine(s). Grappling with these questions on a global scale is imperative, as is getting clear about how to reach the highest priority populations and how to ensure good public health communication about the benefits, risks and social responsibility associated with using them. I’m not suggesting that how (and who) pays for these lifesavers doesn’t matter, but I am concerned that we’re tackling the questions in the wrong order.

In this issue:

  • Behavioral Health Parity Efforts in the US
  • Paying For Value From Costly Medical Technologies: A Framework For Applying Value-Based Payment Reforms
  • The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay
  • State of play: Health care after the pandemic
  • Identifying and Addressing Multi-Stakeholder Gaps in Value Assessment
  • Patients should have a role in deciding the value of medicines
  • The Disproportionate Impact of Covid-19 on Communities of Color
  • Patient and Family Engaged Care: An Essential Element of Health Equity
  • Is Wearable Technology The Savior We’ve Been Waiting For?
  • 10 big advancements in healthcare tech during the pandemic
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