Innovation Digest – July 2021 Vol. 2

I’ve started to see a pattern linking where resources are allocated in our system and the incidence of problems. We’re pouring money into new digital technologies, new therapies, new models of care in the name of “growth,” “innovation” and “disruption”. Simultaneously, we’re doubling down on dysfunctional EHRs and rafts of research that are still not oriented toward questions that matter to patients and families. And, we still do not invest enough in acceleration of the basics: accessible primary care, health education and community-based care, mental health, and practical, preventive strategies like food security and housing. Ultimately, it’s the silos — in our system, in our research, and in our policies — that are doing the most damage to our health.

In this issue:

  • Commentary: Gary A. Puckrein – Forgetting health care’s purpose
  • Effort to Decipher Hospital Prices Yields Key Finding: Don’t Try It at Home
  • Hospitals, Insurers Invest Big Dollars to Tackle Patients’ Social Needs
  • The Growing Problem of Out-of-Pocket Costs and Affordability in Employer-Sponsored Insurance
  • Biotech startup using AI to take guesswork out of cancer drug selection raises $70M
  • New ‘Health Policy Handbook’ Overviews Foundations of Health Care and Health Policy
  • Improving Health Research Through Shared Data
  • Meet The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Who Raised $350 Million To Rethink U.S. Primary Care
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