Innovation Digest – June 2020 Vol. 1

The digest this week shares important and ongoing themes about the need for our national health care conversation to acknowledge and align with the diversity of patients and patient experience. Whole health must be our goal, and we must stop merely studying and defining the flaws in our systems — in our care of the elderly and disabled and especially in the racial disparities we continue to diagnose but not cure. My wish is that we will finally commit to change.

In this issue:

  • Why Accounting for Our Differences Matter in Assessing Drug Value
  • In Focus: Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care by Confronting Racism
  • AI systems are worse at diagnosing disease when training data is skewed by sex
  • Reducing COVID-19 Deaths In Nursing Homes: Call To Action
  • Fostering Human Connection in the Covid-19 Virtual Health Care Realm
  • The coronavirus crisis has revealed what Americans need most: Universal basic services
  • A third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau finds amid coronavirus pandemic
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