Innovation Digest – June 2022 Vol. 1

Patient-centricity and transparency are guiding principles in my career and the work of organizations that I support with time, experience and passion. It is frustrating to witness time and resources being diverted from what is important to patients, their families, and carers, and instead amassed to perpetuate a power dynamic that focuses on the business of our health system rather than its purpose: care for anyone that needs help or intervention to live a healthy and productive life.

While some articles I share can dishearten me, I’m buoyed by efforts I make on behalf of clients like The Innovation and Value Initiative, to forge change based on the principles I believe in. This week, I get another chance when I accept the position as Board Chair of Mental Health America, an organization dedicated to advocacy, education and innovation for the mental health of all people and communities. I’m proud and privileged to help elevate the work of this organization and its many talented affiliates, toward another 100 years of fighting in the open. Check out both of these principled change-makers and get involved!

In this issue:

  • Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets: What They are and Why We Need Them
  • To improve safety, hospitals should make ‘radical transparency’ real — and accessible
  • Covid-19 may be receding, but it’s leaving a quiet menace lurking in hospitals in its wake.
  • From Scientific Discovery to Covered Treatments:  Understanding the Payer Perspective as a Keystone to Achieving High-Value Care
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