Innovation Digest – March 2020 Vol. 1

Disparities in healthcare exist beyond issues of geography, race and socio-economic status. Our very systems of research — from clinical trials to outcomes research — overlook diverse communities. We see the results of this disparity in the epidemic of chronic illness and substance use, the inability to understand how to best use our resources to achieve health and wellness and the perpetuation of care that is neither accessible nor affordable to all. I’m reading more lately about the need to stare these inequities down and to identify solutions for greater inclusion and engagement. It’s a challenge that we’re long overdue in tackling.

In this issue:

  • Drop in cancer deaths reflect failures of our society. Really
  • Costs, Benefits, and Sacred Values — Why Health Care Reform Is So Fraught
  • Population-Based Payments May Help Ensure Access To Life-Saving Antibiotics For Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Effect of Adding a Work-Focused Intervention to Integrated Care for Depression in the Veterans Health Administration
  • Disparities in Clinical Trial Access Across US Urban Areas
  • How Can We Dismantle Health Equity Barriers In Research?
  • Closing The Medicaid Coverage Gap: Options For Reform
  • Can We Measure Caregiver Burden and Other Indirect Benefits in Value Assessments?
  • Tech, empowered patients changing rare-disease paradigm
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