Innovation Digest – March 2020 Vol. 3

If you’re reading this, you’re a) healthy, b) not a first responder in the era of COVID-19 and c) looking for other sources of entertainment and enlightenment beyond the 24/7 news cycle. I’m not suggesting to downplay the importance of scientific evidence, evidence-based care or especially the heroic efforts of clinicians, nurses, epidemiologists, modelers, public health officials and anyone volunteering themselves on the front lines. Bravo to all! Meanwhile, a few articles to keep you thinking about things we need to attend to after we all get back to (normal) work. I think some of the takeaways I’ve had in recent weeks of reflection are the importance of open sharing of data, the need to identify and ensure affordability and accessibility to the most important care (preventive! Diagnostic!) and the notion that when we have the will (even if it’s forced on us by a pandemic), we definitely have the ability to solve major problems quickly and with the patient in mind. I hope we acknowledge and carry forward these lessons.

In this issue:

  • Cancer Treatment and the Cost of Time
  • People with serious illness can teach us a lot about living with Covid-19
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Have Problems
  • Where Incentives Align (or Don’t) Among Health Care Stakeholders and How They Are Evolving
  • ONC’s Rucker: Interoperability puts American consumers in control of healthcare
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