Innovation Digest – November 2021 Vol. 2

I’m thankful for the opportunity to engage with so many individuals who not only champion the importance of patient-centered health care, but also actively work to achieve it. I believe we are at a tipping point where those with the “might” (data, dollars, dias) are exploring the impact of doing the right thing: delivering technologies, services, and care that match the needs and health goals of patients, families, and caregivers. We have work to do in driving incentives in research, regulatory oversight, and payment to create accountability and transparency that must exist to accelerate learning. It’s heartening to see so many organizations stepping up to lead. What can you do to add to the momentum?

In this issue:

  • Use of the Patient-Identified Top Health Priority in Care Decision-making for Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Exploiting Real-World Data to Optimize the Use of Antibiotics
  • Bolstering Our Ability To Value Health Technology: A Few Less-Considered Issues
  • Feasibility of Using Real-world Data to Emulate Postapproval Confirmatory Clinical Trials of Therapeutic Agents Granted US Food and Drug Administration Accelerated Approval
  • It’s time for individuals — not doctors or companies — to own their health data
  • Pursuing Health Care Value Post-COVID-19: Keep The Focus On Patients
  • Health plans, insurers need to make addressing racial inequities in health care part of their core work
  • Can David Feinberg fix Cerner? The new CEO of an electronic health record giant faces fresh threats
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