Innovation Digest – October 2019 Vol. 2

It’s about the patients. Not patients as commodity, as satisfied customer, as data-rich resource, as research subject or competitive covered life. Patients as people, with goals, loved ones, hopes, fears, addictions, chronic challenges, acute needs, motivations and aspirations for recovery and a life. What would happen if every interaction started with trying to know these things first; beyond “what problem do you have today?” We’re spending billions on end-game technology, whether it’s engineering life saving treatments, measuring the quality of what was done, documenting and predicting outcomes, or developing apps to improve engagement and adherence. So much of this “balloon payment” on health might not be necessary, or indeed be rendered more effective, if we started with the notion that patients are people first, before they are the subject of care, intervention, engagement and research.

In this issue:

  • Paper: Association of Patient Priorities–Aligned Decision-Making With Patient Outcomes and Ambulatory Health Care Burden Among Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Disappointment in the Value-Based Era: Time for a Fresh Approach?
  • UnitedHealth to link Optum’s analytics, provider subsidiaries
  • Insurers Pitch New Ways to Pay for Million-Dollar Therapies
  • Alphabet hires ex-FDA commissioner to lead health strategy, policy
  • ‘A radical experiment’: Payers, providers renew attacks on price transparency proposal
  • AI needs patients’ voices in order to revolutionize health care
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