Innovation Digest – October 2020 Vol. 2

Complexity, COVID-19 and controversy are the dominant themes in healthcare to no one’s surprise. Yet, there are emerging issues that are forcing us to reconcile with long-entrenched attitudes and systems that hold us back from truly world-class health, including mental health, disparities in care and outcomes, and often-politicized questioning of science. The solutions exist if we choose to see them. Compassion and commitment to understanding the needs of individuals must be the primary guide to choosing effective services and interventions. Prevention and using technology to support customized care are the keys to more cost-effective and equitable care. Transparency of science and the open, respectful, and evidence-based consideration of all options will yield creative and successful policies. I believe in a future where the hard lessons of 2020 fundamentally change how we seek, receive and pay for health care.

In this issue:

  • The State Of Mental Health In America
  • The Urgency of Redesigning Care Delivery — How to lead a consumer-centric approach to reconfiguring care and services after COVID-19
  • Spillover Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic Could Drive Long-Term Health Consequences For Non-COVID-19 Patients
  • What Fans of ‘Herd Immunity’ Don’t Tell You
  • In 2021, Presidential Priorities Must Be Pandemic Response, Health Care Access
  • Removing Cops From Behavioral Crisis Calls: ‘We Need To Change The Model’
  • ‘All You Want Is to Be Believed’: The Impacts of Unconscious Bias in Health Care
  • AI-Enabled Clinical Decision Support Software: A “Trust and Value Checklist” for Clinicians
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