Innovation Digest – October 2021 Vol. 2

As we turn the corner to November, my thoughts turn to elections. Whether local, state or congressional, I hope you’ll take action November 2 and remind as many of your colleagues, family and friends to do the same! Interestingly, there is a link between voting and some of the articles below focusing on equity, measuring social determinants of health and patient-centered care. Inclusive voting is one of the political determinants of health, according to a compelling book by Daniel Dawes that I’m currently reading. Also, if you want to hear about new directions in measuring patient-important outcomes and quality of life factors that apply to our understanding of effectiveness and value, register for the public Innovation and Value Initiative’s Methods Summit, Wednesday, October 27 from 10:00-2:00 pm. (Register) These events and resources have a common theme: use data to take action toward health for all.

In this issue:

  • To Advance Health Equity, Measure Hospital Malnutrition Care
  • How Morgan Health hopes to finally move the needle on employer health costs: 5 insights from a chat with the venture’s CEO
  • What is the Outlook for Addressing Social Determinants of Health?
  • The Future Of Value Assessment In A Post-Pandemic United States
  • The stirrings of revolt: Hospitals nationwide are sidestepping health record giants to better harness patient data
  • A Policy Prescription for Reducing Health Disparities—Achieving Pharmacoequity


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