Innovation Digest – September 2019 Vol. 1

There’s an endless debate about what constitutes good evidence in health care. It’s clear that disparate outcomes, gaps in access to care and soaring prices tell us that something is amiss. But we seem to be confused about what (and who) should divine the best evidence and its use. While those that control data and decision making argue and scramble for the upper hand, those closest to the real experts – patients – should continue to advocate for evidence derived from lived experience, real health outcomes and whether patient preferences and goals for living a healthy life are being fulfilled. That’s evidence of an effective system of care.

In this issue:

  • Why Doctors Still Offer Treatments That May Not Help
  • Inside North Carolina’s Big Effort to Transform Health Care
  • The Scourge of Worker Wellness Programs
  • How can doctors find better ways to talk – and listen – to patients close to death?
  • Doctors Don’t Always Know What Patients Will Owe for Meds
  • Epic to gather records of 20 million patients for medical research
  • Real-World Advice for Generating Real-World Evidence


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