Innovation Digest – September 2022 Vol. 1

Accountability is foundational to real and lasting change. In health care, there are signals that this is an escalating theme in policy, payment and even research. A key strategy to promote accountability is transparency and it is heartening to see federal leadership to drive greater transparency in research, for example. Looking ahead, there must also be an increased demand for greater transparency in pricing across all elements of health care, in alignment of payment and funding with public health priorities, in regulation of emerging technologies, and in evaluating the impact of current policy decision making on future social and health outcomes. Transparency builds trust, incentivizes action that supports shared goals, and fosters learning and accelerated change.

In this issue:

  • CMS approves first measures to track social determinants at federal level
  • A push for transparency: US to make all federally-funded research public
  • U.S. Plans to Shift Bill for Covid Shots and Treatments to Insurers, Patients
  • The FDA stands by as the vaping industry flouts its orders
  • Wastewater Surveillance Has Become a Critical Covid Tracking Tool, but Funding Is Inconsistent
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