Sarabeth Zemel, JD

Policy & Research Specialist

Training, real-world experience, and a personal story are often a surefire way to hone a successful career marked by empathy, and for Sarabeth, her path was guided by a combination of studying public health, interning for a Medicaid advocacy organization, and navigating a frightening health scare. While her diagnosis ultimately proved to be minor and her family well-insured, Sarabeth had to undergo multiple, expensive and out-of-pocket tests—an experience that brought to light the realities of how it must feel to be underinsured—and solidified her interest in health policy and financing. Along the way, she connected with Jennifer and Erica as co-workers at the National Mental Health Association, a career highlight that reminded Sarabeth of the importance of a work environment that any employee would thrive under—with equal parts mentoring, independence, opportunity, and encouragement. So when a research and content developer opportunity arose at Momentum, Sarabeth jumped at the opportunity. First brought on board to develop state fact sheets for a Medicaid advocacy project, Sarabeth has continued to bring her research talents, attention to detail, and policy writing skills to the Momentum team.