Innovation Digest – April 2018 vol. 2

In the midst of innovation and escalating cost, when is the right time to opt for less care or no care at all? American consumers are bombarded daily with information that tells them their risk for disease, likelihood of financial harm due to prices or lack of insurance coverage, benefits (and side effects) of various treatments and who’s to blame for the affordability and access imbalance. And yet there are few tools available to assist consumers with sifting through the wealth of information to make choices that reflect their interests and at the same time optimize the use of resources. Ultimately, this leaves the most important decision makers in the system with the fewest tools and the quietest voice. If we did a better job at giving patients and families the information they need when making a decision, would we have a better (and sooner) chance at finding the treatment most closely aligned with their goals?

In this issue:

  • A Third Option
  • What It’s Like Living Without Health Insurance in America
  • Engagement is the Holy Grail of transforming healthcare
  • Addressing Low-Value Care and a Better Benefit Design at the V-BID Summit
  • In Battle To Cut Drug Prices, Outcome-Based Pricing Carries Big Risks For Biopharma
  • CMS Missing the Mark on Bundled Payments, Experts Say
  • Unlocking The Potential Of Real-World Data: Tapping Into Today’s Data To Improve Healthcare Tomorrow
  • NQF report finds gaps in post-acute, long-term care measures
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