Innovation Digest – April 2019 Vol. 1

Whom do you trust? The veracity of evidence, knowledge and expertise are constant themes in healthcare and the patient always seems to be dependent on the actions and integrity of others — from government policymakers to their individual clinician. Efforts to put patients in charge of their data and decision making are notable and needed, but slow to take root. Patients and caregivers are the real experts in care and in defining what health really means to them. Are we listening?

In this issue:

  • Name the much-criticized federal program that has saved the U.S. $2.3 trillion. Hint: it starts with Affordable
  • A Model for Public Access to Trustworthy and Comprehensive Reporting of Research
  • A Framework for Increasing Trust Between Patients and the Organizations That Care for Them
  • Why Physicians Should Trust In Patients
  • App Store Quality Claims for Mental Health Apps Rarely Backed Up
  • How Can Doctors Be Sure A Self-Taught Computer Is Making The Right Diagnosis?
  • Understanding The Burning Platform Of Health Care Spending Growth
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