Innovation Digest – April 2019 Vol. 2

We’re in the digital age and yet, we still cannot agree on what data is important and valid to use in making critical decisions about healthcare. The demand for answers that fit all scenarios is a considerable barrier to our progress in defining and facilitating use of relevant data — particularly data that represents a patient perspective on their goals and treatment experience. Is it important to have a “good enough” answer supported by data, or to have data that supports the important questions about improving health and quality of life? I say the latter, and it will take commitment to complexity, to improving scientific and data collection methods and to listening and prioritizing the patient voice. I’ve said it before: the political and public opinion battles between the powerful (those actors with the money) get us nowhere and put the patients in the crosshairs. Who will lead us away from the blame marathon and toward a dialogue about defining the value that we all want from health care?

In this issue:

  • Real Equity Means Including People With Disabilities in Philanthropy
  • Evidence-based medicine requires no evidence, it seems
  • Challenging the idea of valid data
  • Want to Change Health Care? ‘The One Thing That Doctors Respond to Is Data’
  • AMA Backs UnitedHealth’s Billing Codes For Social Determinants Of Health
  • Shared Decision Making and the Importance of Time
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