Innovation Digest – April 2022 Vol. 1

We have to start with the end in mind. New technologies for delivery, payment, and even predicting behavior and outcomes are powerful tools. However, if they don’t derive from the perspective and experience of people, and especially those living with complex medical and social conditions, then all of it is just meant to create new profitable businesses and rich venture capitalists. I’m not anti-technology nor anti-capitalism, and I see good in many ideas and companies being explored. But I also see the shocking amounts of money changing hands at a time when we still have atrocious outcomes for people of color, people with disabilities and those in lower socio-economic circumstances. The primary goal and measure of impact of a healthcare system should be health for all people.

In this issue:

  • Mayo Clinic Assessing Google AI Tool as It Seeks More Insights From Patient Records
  • We must help patients recognize how important their opinions are
  • As research grows on primary care and serious mental illness, a glaring gap remains
  • How to fix the two-tier U.S. health payment system
  • Value-based evidence across health care sectors: a push for transparent real-world studies, data, and evidence dissemination
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