Innovation Digest – August 2022 Vol. 1

My career has focused on the intersection of patient and family lived experience and policy development and implementation, with a strong orientation to effectiveness, efficiency and equity. Many developments happening right now speak to these issues and highlight how we are often wasting time, money, and people’s health and life. Rising recognition that we must invest in mental health and substance use is rightly focused both on access to a range of interventions and in building a diverse workforce to meet the need. At the same, time, burgeoning innovation in this space challenges our assumptions about how to deliver care and support, and how to measure impact and outcomes that matter to the people being served. Like many, I’m also on a steady path of education and understanding about racism and its impact on all aspects of our health system. Data that continues to highlight our inattention and even complicit inaction is both stunning and motivating. I hope that this edition empowers you to challenge assumptions, processes, policies, and people that are motivated to preserve the status quo. That is no longer a defensible goal.

Last week, I continued my 2022 theme of change by guiding the Innovation and Value Initiative to new executive leadership. I continue to contribute my passion for strategic thinking and stakeholder engagement to this forward-leading organization. I would love to talk with you about your goals and challenges, and how I can help you envision and implement change.

In this issue:

  • Digital Mental Health Deserves Investment but the Questions Are Which Interventions and Where?
  • Integration Of Medicare And Medicaid Services Is Essential For Dually Eligible Individuals With Behavioral Health Needs
  • Incentives For Drug R&D: A Survey Of Biotech Venture Capitalists’ Perspectives
  • A Health Equity Conversation with Google Health Executives
  • Value-based payment has produced little value. It needs a time-out
  • New Morgan Health-NORC Analysis Finds Widespread Health Disparities Among Americans with Employer-Sponsored Insurance
  • HHS proposes reinstating nondiscrimination protections stripped by Trump administration
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