Innovation Digest – August 2022 Vol. 2

Last week, I was competing at the US Rowing Master’s National Championship in Sarasota, Florida. In this sport, there is a strong focus on diversity, as rowing is historically not very diverse. But as I participated, I noticed all the dimensions of diversity that are important to the well-being and thriving of any organization: age, gender, race, nationality, disability, geography. Rowing brings together all of these elements aligned to a love of the sport. Even if there is more work to be done to create programs that bring adult rowers from all communities to take up an oar, the intentionality of doing so is a vital step forward. The same is true in health care. An intentional focus and relentless commitment to action is vital to achieving representativeness at all levels of decision-making, in data, in research, and in delivery design.

In this issue:

  • Let the Work Begin – Is the shift towards patient-centered healthcare research actually starting?
  • A better understanding of human diversity is needed to equitably advance precision medicine
  • To Promote Innovation, Congress And Companies Should Support Drug Development Cost Disclosure
  • Social Determinants, Including Racism, Are Major Drivers of Health Inequity, Watson Says
  • How much are patients actually using mental health apps? Research on engagement is elusive
  • Lack of diversity in clinical trials costs billions of dollars. Incentives can spur innovation
  • These 3 Healthcare Threats Will Do More Damage Than Covid-19
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