Innovation Digest – December 2020 Vol. 2

I’ve said it often enough over my career: let patient experience and perspectives be our guide in all things. Skepticism still exists: “patients want everything for nothing,” “patients don’t have the training to understand the complexities of science,” “patients won’t be willing to make tradeoffs.” All myths. Just as many examples demonstrate the opposite. Care delivery and outcomes improve when patients are partners in designing care and education. Resources are better spent on care that is relevant to patient goals and priorities for health and quality of life. Science is better informed when patients are at the table and active participants in defining the questions and the endpoints. If we accept the facts, then we have one more table at which to open a seat: evaluation of value and application to benefit design and access. Patients have been outside of these processes for too long. Let 2021 be the year that patients take their rightful place as partners in defining the future of health.

In this issue:

  • Too Big To Ignore: 7 Recommendations To Address Our Growing Mental Health Crisis
  • Let patients speak for themselves on the Biden task force and elsewhere
  • Improving Access and Quality of Health Care in the United States: Shared Goals Among Patient Advocates
  • Researchers, patients, and other stakeholders’ perspectives on challenges to and strategies for engagement
  • ‘It’s really on them to learn’: How the rapid rollout of AI tools has fueled frustration among clinicians
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