Innovation Digest – February 2022 Vol. 1

Two things that need urgent and sustained attention. First, we have to focus on access to care and support for anyone experiencing mental health conditions. The data are screaming at us and as evidence of addiction and suicide rise, we have a clear picture of the negative outcomes associated with continued stigma, lack of parity in coverage, and inconsistent access to care. Second, we have to accelerate all efforts to call out and eliminate racial biases and disparities in our health system. The EHR study is appalling, but yet another vivid example of the systematized discrimination that we cannot ignore. If payment models, primary care delivery and equity for all is the theme of 2022, we must make improvements in health outcomes our metric for success. It’s great that CMS and employers — the payers who should drive all expectations — are calling for such action. As I look ahead this year, I’m proud to be serving on the Mental Health America Board, and to be taking the helm as Board President in June. And, I’m equally pleased to be working alongside colleagues at the Innovation and Value Initiative to drive better discussions about value in treatment of major depressive disorder, and to tackle the complicated questions about data and methods that must be improved to ensure that value assessment upholds health equity.

In this issue:

  • Building On The CMS Strategic Vision: Working Together For A Stronger Medicare
  • Hierarchical Payment Models—A Path for Coordinating Population- and Episode-Based Payment Models
  • Low-value care most common among systems with fewer primary care physicians, investor ownership
  • Negative Patient Descriptors: Documenting Racial Bias In The Electronic Health Record
  • Strengthening Patient-Centered Addiction And Mental Health Care In The United States
  • The High Cost of Mental Disorders:  Facts for Employers
  • Making workplaces better for people struggling with mental health will make work better for everyone
  • Connect with Empathy, But Lead with Compassion
  • Reimagining A Quality Information System For US Health Care
  • Insurers falling seriously short in mental health, substance use disorder benefits, federal departments say
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