Innovation Digest – July 2022 Vol. 1

Nothing is constant but change. Change in healthcare is constant, but not always aimed in the right direction. Patient-centered thinking and action is true north if we want to understand the real drivers of health, how to correct gross disparities in access and quality, and how to incentivize and pay for value. Invest in those that represent and work for patients and families. And co-create solutions instead of commoditizing their wisdom and data. Everyone will benefit.

Speaking of change, I’m excited to share that after 4.5 years leading the Innovation and Value Initiative, I’m handing the reins to a new CEO and focusing on patient and stakeholder engagement for that thriving organization. I look forward to exploring new projects that help people and organizations have lasting impact on health. Let’s talk!

In this issue:

  • A ‘veritable playground’: CVS whistleblower details how patients were charged higher drug prices
  • Development of a Metric to Detect and Decrease Low-Value Prescribing in Older Adults
  • Mental health care 2.0
  • To Advance A National Health And Equity Infrastructure, Measure Drivers of Health
  • Watson Health, under new investment firm ownership, is reborn as Merative
  • Person-Driven Outcome Measures Help Achieve Equitable Outcomes
  • The Science Of Patient Engagement: How PCORnet® Is Leading The Next Hot Topic In Clinical Research
  • The Promise of Digital Health: Then, Now, and the Future
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